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Hi there, my name is Jillian Chambers and I am a civil marriage celebrant...but I guess you knew that already. 

That's why you're here right?

You may be recently engaged, or have been engaged for ages, or maybe there was no engagement, one day you just turned to each other and said, "let's get married"!  And are now planning your wedding.

First off let me say, CONGRATULATIONS!! How awesome.

I hope you've had an amazing planning experience so far and I hope you have the day of your dreams.

In order to do that, you're going to have to assemble a team of legends. People who've got your back and want to see your day go off without a hitch. 

I happen to be one of them.

"But, who are you lady?" I hear you say, 

Ok, well...

I’m an authentic, glass half-full, optimistic, storytelling, larger than life, plant hoarding, chatty, star gazing, book reading, deep conversation craving, hippy, comedienne, songstress, “too much” kinda gal who plans travel in my head constantly, who loves mix-tapes and wins every.single.costume party I’ve ever been invited to - it’s sort of my jam. I’m always trying to learn how to sew, I love Greek mythology, I used to travel the world working on yachts, I collect tattoos and I really want to be able to speak Portuguese (that's where my dad's family is from).

I recently became a mama to the sweetest little babe who daily makes my heart explode into a million fireworks.

When you hire me to conduct your ceremony you'll discover that I have a Canadian accent, because although I have lived in Australia for thirteen years, accents are for life. 

Sometimes my hair is really curly and other times it's straight - thumbs up for versatility.

I’m engaging and warm and in case you’re into that sort of thing, I’m a Sagittarius, ENFP and I’m not your average wedding celebrant.


In truth, I’m not your average anything.


I believe that apart from all the legal stuff I have to do, being a wedding celebrant is essentially being a storyteller and man, do I love telling stories. Stories have so much power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach and inspire and on your wedding day can cast a spell and weave some amazing magic that will not only warm your hearts but will set the tone for the day.

The story of your love is a gift, not only for you but for your family and friends too.  

I want to know how you met and when you fell in love and what your favourite things are about each other. I want to know what drives you crazy and what you couldn't live without and how you plan to spend the rest of your life together. 

I really care about creating a moment that will last a lifetime.

A story of serendipity, and fate and of a love that stopped you in your tracks and made you think of forever.

Now that's a story I can't wait to tell. 


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